Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Blog Zen and the Art of Home Maintenance

It is far more amusing than it should be to make subtle variations in the design of this blog. Unfortunately, Blogger has temporarily taken away the ability to make changes in the xhtml code, so (after finally learning a bit of coding) I can't make some of the changes I'd like. We'll all just have to live with it. While my legions of fans (all one or two of you) may neither notice nor care, blog decorating is cheaper and easier than home decorating, so I'm disappointed.

Daughter M's room is the current focus. She chose the colors, and we painted the walls a soft medium blue with pale yellow trim. We remade her closet into a bed nook, painted soft green (no doors, of course) and are building a wardrobe into a corner of the room. A shelf will line the room a foot or so below the ceiling to hold a freize of stuffed animals (she has gobs of them). Photos as the work gets done.

We celebrated her birthday this week with a trip to Ikea. What a store! Lucky it's an hour away, or I would shop there far more than would be prudent. I love their simple styling, large selection, and low prices. "The Swedish K*Mart" is an apt description. I found the quality on some of the pieces a bit iffy, but most of it seemed sturdy and a good bargain. I can't wait to go again.


Heather said...

You know what's really funny about re-designing a blog? I knew it was different when I saw it, but I can't remember what it looked like before. There was more colour, right? Anyway I am interested to see the renovations as they progress (both your blog and your daughter's room).

Lyzzard said...

You went to ikea without me????!!!

< frown>

Happy Birthday to M!

I do like what you've done to your blog. We do have to get together soonest.

Enjoy your weekend!


normanack said...

Oooh, I wonder if we have time for an Ikea run during a school day --hmmm, almost but no, don't think it can be done for a noon pick-up. Maybe later in the year, if M. is comfortable with it, she can be in child care for an hour or two?