Monday, June 30, 2008

safe in her hands

Question: Why does one have children?
Answer: Staff.

The Boy is power-washing the deck. Our house has miles and miles of deck, some of it wobbly, some of it tipped, all of it needing a good scrubbing. Several years ago, the menfolk shored up the weaker parts and fixed the loose boards. With other household repairs, however, and life being what it is, cleaning and staining the deck didn't happen.

But the Boy is now 15 and full of energy. I finally have Staff.

Question: Why does one have children?
Answer: Because they continue to astound you.

A yell from the Boy brought me running to the deck, where he stood with the dripping washer turned off. "What?" I asked. "Did it break? Did you get hurt?" (Gotta love my priorities.)

He had found a beautiful leopard moth. And when my daughter rescued it, cradling it in her hands, her gentle touch and exquisite care with the fragile moth brought one of those rare moments when the world simply stops, and we revel in its beauty.

"Get me the camera!" I yelled. "Hurry! Faster!"

When the Boy resumed power-washing, the hose sprung a leak.

Ah well, it was nice while it lasted.


futuregirl said...

That moth is amazing! I didn't even know they came in that flavor.

Vicki Knitorious said...

That is SO COOL! I never knew there was such a bug, either.

aija said...

That is one amazing find.

Heather said...

When I saw the moth I thought it had been made from cloth. I had no idea something like that existed in nature! I must get out more!

LLA said...

that is the most gorgeous moth I have ever seen!!!! I never even heard of a leopard moth, but now I am going to Google to see where they live?

That really is just stunning....

(and by the time they are 15 you can give 'em big jobs like that? AWESOME!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo.