Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fear the Kitten

Today we received two new family members. My daughter has longed for a cat for years now, since our last cat died of lymphoma. So we planned, and read up on cats, and finally made a trip to the shelter.
Meet Spock.

Nothing to fear in Spock. According to my son, this cat commanded us with his eyes to take him home. He purred and rubbed against our fingers through the cage bars and told us he would be a very pleasant companion.
And so he has proven to be, in the space of an afternoon. He made his name known on the car ride home, perhaps a record for our fastest-named pet. And after a brief adjustment period in an unused hallway, Spock made peace with the dogs and found his bathroom, his food dish, the couch, and our hearts.
This one-year-old kitten also had the grace to arrive neutered and with his rabies inoculation. What a thoughtful fellow!

Fear and trembling, however, may now ensue:

She looks harmless enough, this darling eight-week-old tabby kitten with a big purr, rabbit-soft fur, and the cutest little paws. You can't tell from this picture just how small she is: this is one tiny little kitten. The "awww" factor is high here. She grabbed my daughter's heart as soon as we walked into the shelter.
Citrus, as she is now named, told our dogs quite firmly and loudly that They Are Not Welcome In Her Presence. I have never heard a growl this loud from any cat. She also has a fearsome hiss and lightning-strike paws. While the dogs have learned not to approach her, just the sight of them arouses a constant low humming growl in her tiny little body.
Luckily she likes us just fine. We are making allowances, as she is so young and so small. It must be quite frightening to enter a household with animals many times larger than herself.
In the meantime, however, Fear the Kitten. She can roar.


Vicki Knitorious said...

I'm sure it's been longer that I think since we introduced our latest kitty to the mix -- making three cats and one dog. He's made friends with all except the female cat that was here before him -- and let's just say I am very familiar with that low growl of which you speak.
; )

Have fun! There's nothing cuter than a kitten.

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled with these Grand Cats - they indeed are wonderful and fit the bill for the Grand Girl. I anxiously await more on these new family members - where do they choose to sleep and will the Grand dogs continue to circle warily around them. Such a pretty combination too, a silver and a marmalade! Miss Em will surely try to teach them their manners but Jaimie will probably remain aloof.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am envious! Not just one kitty, but two. Our "baby" kitten will be 10 years old tomorrow and I'm sure (having heard his low growl) would not tolerate another kitty in the house. But the photos make me want a baby around. Long live Spock and Citrus!

normanack said...

Unfortunately, Citrus has turned out to have several congenital problems and her future is doubtful. We are hoping for the best.

LLA said...

ACK - adorable kitten porn! Thanks for sharing...

Sounds like you got a couple of cuties there!

Uh oh. I just read your above comment... I'll be thinking happy thoughts for your darling lil orange grrrl