Wednesday, January 17, 2007

try, try again

This headband is identical to the first one I made except for the edging (and lining color -- but it's the same brand and weight of yarn). This time I crocheted the lining and outer fabric together. It makes a neater finish, and I like the look of the crochet -- it reminds me of fancy piped frosting on a birthday cake.

But. It makes a much tighter fit. If I make this style again, I'll have to find a stretchier crochet stitch.

Ironically enough, it's too icy outside to put these headbands to use walking the dogs. Guess I'll have to make another headband!


futuregirl said...

I have two ideas for the crochet-stretchy problem:

1) use a smaller hook and put a chain stitch in between each single crochet

2) use a much bigger hook to do the single crochet

Heather said...

I like the blue and green colour combo. I'm sorry I don't have any brilliant ideas for your cast off problem. I remember once using i-cord as both an edge to cast off from and a bind off, but I think it was a little tight. Good luck!

marcisenders said...

Although Future Girl's first suggestion would would, my gut reacvtion is to just go for a larger hook, it will give you a bigger stitch and just enough "wiggle" room. Good luck!

LLA said...

looks fab - love the colors!

kayla_d said...

Thanks for the comment. It's encouraging to know someone's reading!

Cristina said...

Ooooh I like Alice's first suggestion--could add a nice decorative element. But I really came to thank you for your piecing advice. I'm doing the squares by hand, but the alignment you suggest and pinning (dur-ER...I haven't been using pins) will probably do the trick--oh, and not being interrupted every few stitches to read a book to my toddler.