Monday, September 11, 2006

Trashy Traditions

It's my husband's birthday today -- he's one of those unfortunate souls who shares his day with a national tragedy. It does tend to drive home how lucky we are to be alive.

We celebrate in the traditional way, with cake and candles. Sort of. Not being organized folk, we never have matches when we need them. What we do have is a blowtorch. It has become our custom to light birthday cake candles with the blowtorch, in a sort of Red Green nod to home handiness.

And our lack of orderliness means that we're unexpectedly out of candles. Lucky I've been cleaning the basement, so I know where the Halloween candles are. Birthday tradition saved, and enhanced.

The cake upholds another trashy tradition, that of the store-bought box mix served straight out of the baking pan. I draw the line at canned frosting, however. It's gotta be homemade.


Lyzzard said...

Happy Birthday K - and many happy returns of the day.

I prefer that candle.

It would only be trashy if the cake was made entirely out of unwrapped twinkies.


shula said...

now here's a girl I recognise.

Blow torch......hmmmmmm.

togbean said...

We always did cake from the pan on birthdays with my Dad. I prefer that to the schmancy cake plate/ocean waves of frosting thing. And I love the jeans pockets for the index cards - genius!